Beachbrilliancy clean sweep

Essex Online Championships 2021

David Sands, 5/5;
U1800: Jef Page, 4/5;
U1500: Duc Ta, 4/5 on tie-break

In the Open, David Sands, already assured of retaining his title on tie-break, did so in style with a win against Russell White to complete a classy clean sweep. Andy Lewis had the eaiser pairing of Julian Corfiled, but found him a tough nut to crack and once the Board 1 result was known, concluded a draw. David won by 1½ points, a startling margin in a 5-round event. Many congratulations.

Dai Harris would secure the U1800 crown with a win in the last round, but a draw would not do it if Jef Page won. Perhaps the poisoned pawn Sicilian was not the best way for Dai to go about it? Ruqayyah countered with a sharp attack on the other wing to dash Dai’s hopes. Jef Page took full advantage of this turn of events to snatch the U1800 title with a win over David Smith.

The U1500 ended in a three way tie, but Duc Ta had already secured the crown at least on tie-break, having a one point lead and a 100% score after four rounds. He availed himself of the luxury of losing to Peter Kukiewicz (3/4) and Markos Mouratidis (also 3/4) joined them on 4/5 with a win against John Jestico.

Congratulations to all the winners; thanks to all the players for taking part and to Controller Mark Murrell for another well-run event.

Links: Tournament overview | Open | U1800 | U1500

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