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Essex teams are competing in the 2nd ECF Online Counties Championships, with teams in the Minor Open and U1800 sections. There was, however, a fair degree of what one might call “disinterest” in the opening encounters.

In the Open and the U1800 there are only three teams in each. The Minor Open is best supported with eight teams. In the National Pool – to provide rated games for players otherwise without a game on match day – 10 boards’ pairings were declared, but the absenteeism rate was 50%, so only five games were contested.

But chess was played. In the Minor Open qualifying competition Essex were paired against Berks and won by 6½-3½ (12 boards) with two games failing to start (0-0) and another decided by default. Essex participation in the U1800 does not begin until 17 July.

Links: Minor Open | U1800 | National Pool

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