Essex Knockout Match E

Played 13 June 2022, at Ilford CC

Ilford R1 R2 BARKING A
1 Barton, Tom A 1855 (W, B) 0-1 1-0 Sands, David A 2215 (B, W)
2 Twitchell, Neville H 1855 0-1 ½-½ Goldberg, Jeff A 2118
3 Subramanian, Venkatesh 1900 0-1 ½-½ Jaszkiwskyj, Peter 1977
4 Page, Jeffrey 1788 1-0 0-1 Robinson, James M 1919
5 Ghose, Rahul 1623 0-1 1-0 Ramage, Colin R 1849
  1-4 3-2  
Ilford 4-6 BARKING A

Ilford won Round 2 by 3-2; their problem was that BARKING A had won Round 1 by 4-1. A remarkable feature of this match is that, of the eight decisive games, seven were won by Black.

With dates difficult to find, this fixture was part of a double-header of Rapid chess on the same evening as these two teams were due to play each other on this date in the North Circular League’s Baum Trophy (Rapid League). For this purpose the Essex KO match was played at G15+10 with the agreement of the EKO Controller. Both matches were completed during the evening, entered on ECF LMS and Rapid rated.

BARKING A now have a Bye to the Semi-Finals where they will be at Home to the winners of Match D, BASILDON v Wanstead B being played 28 June. Ilford go into the Plate competition with a Bye to the Semi-finals where they await the losers of the same Round 1 fixture in Match S.

Link: KO page | KO Competition tables | KO on ECF LMS

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