Essex Knockout Plate – Match N

Played 19 July 2022, at Wanstead

Wanstead C R1 R2 Thurrock
1 Senan, Tu 1817 (B, W) 0-1 ½-½ Sadhasivam, Mangalaram 1645 (W, B)
2 Lataille, Matthias 1576 0-1 ½-½ Baig, Huzaifa 1446
3 Colclough, Ryan 1545 1-0 0-1 Akinyosoye, Banky 1556
4 Smith, David 1525 0-1 1-0 Lawrence, Drew 1589
5 Mukherjee, Aradhya 1491 1-0 1-0 Gannon, Harvey 1475
  2-3 3-2  
(BC 8+9=17) Wanstead C 5-5* Thurrock* (BC 7+3=10)
*Thurrock win on Board Count

A thriller in which the teams could only be separated by tie-break. The visitors won Round 1 by 3-2, crucially winning the top two boards. Wanstead C fought back in R2, with their top two boards both achieving a draw, but neither could completely reverse the R1 result. Wanstead C again won the bottom three boards by 2-1 to reverse the R1 score and square the match at 5-5. But it’s Thurrock who go through on tie-break.

In the Plate Semi-Final, Barking B are at Home to Thurrock.

Links: Competition Tables | Essex KO Plate on ECF LMS

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