Essex Online Blitz Championship

Entries have closed for the Essex Online Blitz Championship which takes place today, with Round 1 starting at 2.30 pm. Twelve players have entered and will contest an all-play-all section of 11 rounds at G5+4.

Readers can watch the games live on, but the best way to do this is to follow the pairings and link from there. You have two options: i) from the Vega pairings tournament pages on this website; ii) from the ECF LMS pages for the event; links to both below. There is also a link to the Vega page in the QuickLinks menu on this page (right side panel).

From the Vega pairings page, after pairings are published (around 2.15 pm) refresh the page in your browser until a blue button with white numeral 1 appears, with the Round 1 pairings. Repeat this with each subsequent round (approximately every 20 minutes), until the next round number appears, then click on it. When you have the pairings in view, pick a game you wish to follow, then go to the ‘Lichess Usernames Go To Index’ at the top left of the page, click on it and from the dropdown click on the player you wish to follow and, when you reach their page in lichess, click on the tv icon to view the current game. You can also go direct to the ECF LMS pairings for each round from the Vega pages by clicking on the indicated round number in the same dropdown.

From the ECF LMS screen, click on the Round number for the next round pairings and click on the tv icon against a game you want to follow.

Links: Vega tournament pages | ECF LMS

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