Knockout R1: Match D

Played 13 July 2023, at Barking

BoardBARKING AR1R2Thurrock
1Goldberg, Jeff A 2123 (W, B)1-01-0Sandu, Silviu 1561 (B, W)
2Jaszkiwskyj, Peter 19451-01-0Eastwood, Tomas 1480
3Ramage, Colin R 18451-01-0Crane, Malcolm K 1525
4Robinson, James M 18961-01-0Goodliffe, Ralph 1473
5Blagianu, Mihaita 1567 (R1)1-0Jones, Donnie 0 (R1)
5Figueroa, Edison 1765 (R2) 1-0Jones, Donnie 0 (R2)

BARKING A Board 5 was was delayed arriving for R1 and Mihaita substituted. Edison arrived for R2 and took his alloted place.

Thurrock had problems raising a team and took who they could, but overlooked player lists. Boards 2, 4 and 5 were not listed and therefore were ineligible. However, with such a one-sided scoreline, the Controller saw no point in applying penalties. The games are rated as played. The ineligible players have been listed and therefore are now eligible for the Plate.

BARKING A have a Bye to the Semi-Final where they are away to BASILDON. Thurrock go into the Plate where they have a Bye to the Semi-Final where they are at Home to Wanstead B.

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