Knockout R2: Match G

Played 18 July 2023 at Wanstead

1Hodgson, John H 2147 (W, B)½-½1-0White, Russell P 2059 (B, W)
2Gill, Oliver 20880-11-0Mueller, Jens 2056
3Spearman, David 20371-01-0Myall, Ivan J 2018
4Cawdery, John 2026½-½0-1Wilson, Edgar 2001
5Freeman, Ashley 19861-01-0Harrington, David 1514
Average: 20573-24-1Average: 1930

A close match at half-time, with WANSTEAD A holding a slender one point lead, having had the three Whites. But Round 2 did not see a fight back from the visitors, with WANSTEAD A doing even better with the three Blacks, to round out 7-3 winners.

CHELMSFORD bow out while WANSTEAD A go into a Semi-Final Away to Ilford.

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