Plate R1: Match N

Played 19 July 2023 at Loughton

BoardLoughtonR1R2Barking B
1Stirling, William J 1925 (W, B)½-½0-1Naumov, Igor 1732 (B, W)
2Middleton, Stephen 18251-01-0Pastukhov, Boris 1791
3Horan, George 17761-01-0Berkley, Stephen W 1660
4Kershaw, Graham J 16940-10-1Mathompat, Rajyeshwar Ramesh 1536
5Van Tol, Martin 17531-0½-½Ali, Mohammed Ishtiaq 1637

The Barking Boards 2 and 5 were ineligible, though applying the penalties would not change the result, only the score. The games will be rated as played.

Loughton progress to the Plate Semi-Final Away to Wanstead C.

Links: KO Page | KO Tables page | EKO on ECF LMS

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