Plate Semi-Final: Match S

Played 9 August 2023, at Thurrock

BoardThurrockR1R2Wanstead B
1Omoruyi, Jaden 1779  (W, B)0-10-1Rix, Steven JL 2045 (B, W)
2Sheppard, Barry S 17800-10-1Whitton, Terry D 1914
3Baig, Huzaifa 15840-11-0Staniland, Philip 1885
4Eastwood, Tomas 15920-10-1Barclay, Paul R 1757
5Thomas, George 900½-½0-1Colclough, Ryan 1603

The exchange of team sheets would have told Thurrock all they needed to know.

This match completes the Plate Semi-Finals. Loughton will be at Home to Wanstead B in the Plate Final.

Links: KO Page | KO Tables page | EKO on ECF LMS

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