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SCCU U2050: Essex 9½-6½ Kent
At Wanstead. In many ways a strange afternoon. The early results produced one Kent win among a string of draws. Then a clutch of Essex wins turned things around to a two point home advantage. Yet still the match was not clear and everything remained in the balance until near the end of the match. When the dust had settled, Essex had won by a margin of three points! Essex are joint leaders with Surrey, on 5 points.

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SCCU U1650: Kent 10-6 Essex – Covid match over 12 boards. Contested games Kent 8-4 Essex
At Dartford. Almost a complete reversal of the scores in the home match, despite the shortened format. Several Essex debuts here, we believe, which is good to see and a tough match to start with. Nonetheless, after three matches, as with the U2050 table, Essex share the lead at the top of the table with Surrey, in this case on 4 points.

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