Plate Semi-Final: Match R

Played 1 August 2023, at Wanstead

BoardWanstead CR1R2Loughton <
1Li, Colin 1567 (B) R10-1Stirling, William J 1905 (W)
1Jones, Keith S 1679 (W) R21-0Stirling, William J 1905 (B)
2Diniz Afonso, Davi 17000-10-1Horan, George 1788
3Siddo, Charlton 16790-10-1Moth, Simon C 1762
4Lataille, Matthias 16521-01-0Kershaw, Graham J 1666
5Nickals, Peter A 16371-01-0Collins, Fred 1731
Average: 16595-5<Average: 1771
< Loughton win on Board Count: Wanstead C 19-11 Loughton

A valiant effort by Wanstead C to hold Loughton to a tied score, due mostly to the double victories on Boards 4 and 5. Loughton scored 5-1 over the top three boards to get a clear verdict on Board Count.

Loughton reach the Plate Final where they await the winners of Thurrock v Wanstead B, playing on 9 August. Loughton will be at home.

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