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Southend entries reach 110

The Entry List has reached 110 and counting, including six GMs and 13 other titled players.

Don't leave your entry to the last minute as a 'late late entry fee' of £5 will apply for 'entry on the day' if you turn up without notice.

The 'Late Late' fee will NOT apply to ONLINE entry which WILL now be available on the day, but the earlier the better; late entry is a strain on the organisers. Don't delay!

Online Entry can be made via the link below.

Details and Entry Form | Online Entry | Entry List

Dates for your diary

Spring may only just have sprung, but here are some dates of summer events for your diary:

Sunday 28 June
ECA Team Blitz and Lightning Championships (Ilford CC)

Saturday 11 July
Essex individual Rapidplay Championships (Writtle)

All these events are Essex closed.

As before, the Rapidplay incorporates the North Essex Rapidplay Championship and the Essex Junior Championship. For the previous two years, the Rapidplay has been out of synch in September, but this year reverts to its original slot in July.

Entry Forms to follow in due course.


Essex U180 come second

SCCU U180: Middx 8½-7½ Essex
At Willesden. In a close and tense showdown, Essex came up just short of securing the SCCU crown on points (a draw would have been enough). The possibility of Surrey beating Sussex and making it a three-way tie, which would have resolved the tie in Essex' favour, existed for a while but it transpired that Sussex beat Surrey 9½-6½. Congratulations to Middx as SCCU Champions. Essex now have a QF appearance against the nominees of the Northern Union in May. Sussex qualify as SCCU third nominees.

Other match: Sussex 9½-6½ Surrey

SCCU U140: Essex 7-9 Surrey
At Wanstead. David Smith reports: 'Despite being heavily out-graded on the lower boards, the whole team put up a great fight to lose by the narrow margin of 7-9. At one stage we trailed 6-2, but we pulled that back to 7-7, only to lose the last two games to finish.'

Other matches: Middx 9-7 Sussex, Herts 6½-9½ Kent

SCCU U100: Surrey 7½-4½ Kent. Final match.

U180 page | U140 page | U100 page | Aggregate stats | SCCU Website

Essex U160 qualify and avoid the Preliminary Round

SCCU Open: Surrey 9-7 Essex
At Ashtead. It must be a good few seasons since Essex finished empty handed; 0/4. (We've looked, it was 2008-09.) The defeat snatched from the jaws of victory in the opening fixture v Sussex returns to haunt. This match was another opportunity squandered, though to what extent, we await Ivor's report.

Other match: Sussex 6-10 Kent

Congratulations to Kent, worthy Champions with 4/4, two points clear of a triple tie between Surrey, Middx and Sussex on 2/4.

SCCU U160: Essex 9½-6½ Sussex
At Wanstead. Essex, second on tie-break, qualify for the ECF Final Stage. The possible quintuple tie on 2 points (see our post of 7 Feb) was avoided. Essex precisely targetted their two wins against the other two teams finishing on two points. Essex avoid the ECF Preliminary Round and are drawn away to Suffolk in the QF.

Other match: Surrey 6-10 Kent

Congratulations once more to Kent, U160 Champions with 3/4.

Open | U160 | SCCU Website

Be careful what you wish for

SCCU U120: Essex 3½-8½ Middx
Two weeks ago, we commented on the consistency of Middx scores - they lost all their previous matches by 3½-8½. In the last fixture of the Union stage, once more Middx were involved in a match finishing with this scoreline; the only problem for Essex was that this time Middx won by that score!

U120 | Aggregate stats | SCCU Website

Southend 2015

An official correction to the published Entry Form has been issued today, 27 Feb, by the Chief Organiser, regarding the Rate of Play in the Premier Open with a consequent adjustment to the Round times. The Rate of Play for the Premier Open was shown incorrectly and has been amended to include an intermediate time control of 40 moves in 90 minutes, followed by an additional 30 minutes with increments of 30 seconds a move from move 1. This means that the length of session in the Premier Open will be approximately five hours (instead of the originally indicated four hours). All prior entrants to the Premier Open are being notified individually.

The rate of play and round times for the Weekenders remains unchanged.

The playing conditions for the Premier Open have been adjusted on the Southend 2015 page on this website as has the downloadable Entry Form; Links below. Printed copies of the original entry form already distributed are therefore wrong. As said, the corrected form can now be downloaded from the link below.

Southend 2015 | Corrected Entry Form | Online Entry | Entry List

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