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Be careful what you wish for

SCCU U120: Essex 3½-8½ Middx
Two weeks ago, we commented on the consistency of Middx scores - they lost all their previous matches by 3½-8½. In the last fixture of the Union stage, once more Middx were involved in a match finishing with this scoreline; the only problem for Essex was that this time Middx won by that score!

U120 | Aggregate stats | SCCU Website

Southend 2015

An official correction to the published Entry Form has been issued today, 27 Feb, by the Chief Organiser, regarding the Rate of Play in the Premier Open with a consequent adjustment to the Round times. The Rate of Play for the Premier Open was shown incorrectly and has been amended to include an intermediate time control of 40 moves in 90 minutes, followed by an additional 30 minutes with increments of 30 seconds a move from move 1. This means that the length of session in the Premier Open will be approximately five hours (instead of the originally indicated four hours). All prior entrants to the Premier Open are being notified individually.

The rate of play and round times for the Weekenders remains unchanged.

The playing conditions for the Premier Open have been adjusted on the Southend 2015 page on this website as has the downloadable Entry Form; Links below. Printed copies of the original entry form already distributed are therefore wrong. As said, the corrected form can now be downloaded from the link below.

Southend 2015 | Corrected Entry Form | Online Entry | Entry List

SCCU County Championships

U180: Essex are interested spectators this weekend.
Middx 9½-6½ Sussex. The visitors defaulted five boards and actually 'won' 6½-4½ over the contested boards.
Kent 7-9 Surrey.

U100: Kent 7½-4½ Essex
Essex availed themselves of the time-honoured luxury of the Champions losing their final fixture. Essex have a bye in the ECF QF, so no games now until the SF in June.

U180 | U100 | Aggregate stats | SCCU Website

Eric Spielman

We note with great sadness the tragic passing of Eric Spielman, 92, Life President of Loughton Chess Club, who died in an accident with a motor car driven by another 92 year old. We send our condolences to Loughton Chess Club for their loss and to his family.

An Obituary of this most interesting character can be found on the Loughton CC website - link below.


Middlesex consistent

SCCU U120: Essex not playing.
Middx 3½-8½ Kent - The home team maintained their consistency and lost their third match by the same score as their previous two. Essex would be quite happy for Middx to maintain this consitency in their last match, on 28 Feb.

U120 page

In the meantime, the draw for the ECF Final stage Matches has been published and can be found on the SCCU Website - link below.

SCCU Website

SCCU County Championships

Open: Middx 9½-6½ Essex
At Willesden. Essex were outgraded by 10 points a board. More wins than against Kent (three today, none against Kent) but more losses. However, the overall score improved by half a point. The telling feature is that over the top nine boards, where Essex suffered five losses, the Middx grading advantage was +17 a board (meritorious performances here from Tim Hebbes (½ v -34), David Spearman (½ v -11) and Kevin White (1 v -9)) while over the bottom seven boards, the Middx grading advantage was only 3 points a board average and Essex outscored the home team by 4-3.

Open page | Aggregate stats| SCCU Website

U160: Essex spectators today.
One match played: Middx 9½-6½ Surrey. Now three teams on 2 and two on 1. Essex are currently bottom, but can still qualify with a good win over Sussex. If Essex and Surrey both win in the last round of matches on 7 March, all five teams will finish on 2 points, when all will depend on one's ability with a pocket calculator. The up to date table is on the U160 page.

U160 page | SCCU Website

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