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Essex fall to Champions

SCCU U160: Essex 3½-8½ Herts
With two evenly-matched sides, this margin of defeat at home is hard to take, but Herts were SCCU Champions last season by a margin.

Page links: U120 | Aggregates | SCCU Website

The Story of the Hayes Trophy

Poignantly, on Armistice Day, we publish the story of an ECA trophy, missing for 75 years until returned to the County earlier this year.

Ivor Smith tells us the tragic tale of the only two recipients, two of Essex's finest young chess players who gave their lives in service of their Country.

Ivor is also interested in readers' ideas as to the future application of this trophy which was originally the Essex Boys' Championship.

Follow the link below, or visit the Features page any time from the main menu.


FIDE World Championship 2014

The FIDE World Championship 2014 is taking place in Sochi (07-28 November).

For full details and all further coverage, with links to follow the match on the Internet, see FWCC 2014 in our News section from the main menu, or below. See the side panel of this page for current match synopsis.

News section

Grading Changes from 2015

There are grading changes in the pipeline from the January 2015 List. You can find them in the Help files for the Grading Database (link below, if you have not already found it) but we summarise a few here:

  • New F Category (minimum of 5 games);
  • X Category dropped;
  • Category A will be at least 30 games in last 12 months and and count them all, if more;
  • Modification of 'last 30 games exactly' rule.

Count back to make up to 30 games will no longer be the 'x most recent' but will revert to the previous 'average for the period'. This is due to not all results being submitted with exact dates, a problem, we are bound to observe, exacerbated by the ECF's own practice of grading the County Finals (usually played in July) as if played in the previous grading period, a feat which is only possible by giving those games a fictitious date played of "30 June". Not much chance of this practice being changed soon, as it is written into the County Championship Rules.

Anyway read for yourself...

Link: Grading changes

Basildon Rapidplay comes of age!

The Basildon Rapidplay celebrates its 21st year on Sunday 16 November 2014.

  • Six round Swiss, one section;
  • Incremental time limit all moves in 20 minutes plus 10 seconds per move;
  • First prize £100.

See Entry Form for full details.

Download: Entry Form

FIDE World Chess Championship 2014

Sochi - 7-28 November 2014
The World Chess Championship Match between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and Challenger Vishy Anand is nearly upon us, taking place in Sochi, Russia from 7–28 November, 2014.

The first game of the Match will start on 08 November at 3.00 p.m. Moscow time - see side panel for the Moscow time clock. The schedule is one round a day, following the pattern of two rounds followed by a rest day, repeating for 12 rounds.

Follow it here: WCC 2014

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