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Sussex v Essex at Hassocks

Open: Sussex 10-6 Essex
The last Essex fixture in the SCCU Open played this afternoon at Hassocks, resulted in another disappointment for the East Saxons. Essex, once again missing a lot of the leading players, were well outgraded by a Sussex side which could still qualify for the national stages. Although the early scores favoured Essex, once Sussex got their noses in front they edged into a final four point winning margin.

Other matches: Herts 7½-8½ Kent; Surrey 6½-9½ Middx

U160: Middx 9-7 Essex
A draw would have done, for the SCCU Championship, but at least Essex avoided the "disaster" of third place thanks to Kent defeating Sussex 9½-6½. Third place would have meant an appearance in the ECF Preliminary Round. Instead, Essex are the away side in a Quarter-Final pairing against the first nomination from the Northern Union.

Other match: Kent 9½-6½ Sussex

U100: Essex 7-5 Surrey
Third on tie-break in a group of three, only two to qualify. Essex's only hope now is for another Union not take up a place and for the SCCU to be offered a third U100 spot; such things have happened before, but don't lose any sleep over it.

Links: Open | U160 | U100 | Aggregates | SCCU Website

Lawrence's second GM norm

Congratulations to Lawrence Trent on achieving his second GM norm at the HSK Tournament in Hamburg. Lawrence says "Just need one more now, big tournament next month, wish me luck!"

Lawrence is currently commentating on the FIDE World Candidaties on

FIDE World Candidates

The tournament to find the challenger to World Champion Magnus Carlsen has begun today in the Russian City of Khanty-Mansiysk and runs 13-30 March with tie-break games, if required, on 31 March. Time zone is six hours ahead of the UK, so games which start 15:00 local time begin 09:00 a.m. UK time. World time clock in the right hand panel shows current time in Khanty-Mansiysk, so when that says 3:00 p.m. the current round should be starting, unless its a rest day. The Schedule gives three days' play then a day off. The tournament website carries live games and video; click the logo or link below.

FIDE World Candidates Website

Second it is

U180 Essex not in action, other matches: Surrey 9½-6½ Kent; Sussex 7-9 Middx.

Only a Surrey-Kent draw would give Essex the SCCU U180 title, so congratulations to Surrey who take the Montague Jones tophy in a tight competition. Essex are the away team in an ECF quarter-final pairing against Yorks.

Rampant Kent take title

U140 Essex 5½-10½ Kent
As skipper Simon Moth descriped it, "Essex got thumped 5½-10½ by a rampant Kent side going for the title. Congratulations to Kent".

Essex finish 5th and fail to qualify for the national stages. If this sounds like a lowly placing, we have only to remark that, had Essex been able to win in this last match, with Middx and Surrey both winning, five of the six teams in the section would have finished level on 3 points! In that event, we believe Essex would have finished second to Middx, but it didn't happen.

Other matches: Middx 9-7 Herts; Sussex 4-12 Surrey.

Links: U180 | U140 | Aggregates | SCCU Website

Honourable second

U120 Herts 8-4 Essex
There was to be no glory finish to Essex's 'catch-up' campaign, Herts holding a grading advantage of 10 points a board (Jan 2014 grades). Second place, 1½ points ahead of third placed Kent, is an honest performance and, as previously reported, secures qualification to the national stages. Two performances stand out for the Essex U120 SCCU camapaign: Sid Burns 4½/5, a grading performance of 151 (+55), and Ken Young 4/4, GP 167 (+54). Congratulations to both and may they carry this form into the nationals.

In the ECF Quater-Final Essex are the away team in a pairing with Staffs.

Links: U120 | Aggregates | SCCU Website

Lawrence Trent on the Web

Our thanks to John Philpott for flagging up that Lawrence Trent, Essex' own professional chess commentator, now has a snazzy website:

We have lifted a couple of 'What they say' entries from LT's new site:

"Lawrence is a natural commentator, he brings a great mix of excitement, humour and education to any event." Grandmaster Mickey Adams, England Number 1

"Lawrence is a wonderful, fun guy to work with. It is always a great pleasure commentating with him."
Grandmaster Nigel Short, Former World Championship Finalist and England Number 2

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