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Bye-bye, bye

John Philpott has drawn our attention to the fact that the ECF Final Stages U100 draw has been changed and that Essex now have a QF pairing against Staffs.

Apparently, the Midlands asked for a third nomination, which was granted, leading to SCCU being allowed a third nomination, namely Kent, so that all three counties in the SCCU U100 competition now qualify. These additional entries eliminate the QF byes.

Berkes wins

The 70-player Open, at the Southend Easter Chess Congress, was won by Hungarian GM, Ferenc Berkes on 6/7, who concluded with a draw against Nick Pert in the last round. IM Ameet Ghasi could have tied Berkes' score, with a win, but lost to Uzbek GM Jahongir Vakhidov, who took outright 2nd place with 5½. =3rd GMs Nick Pert, Mark Hebden, Tamas Fodor, Alex Cherniaev, Simon Williams and IM Ameet Ghasi, 5 points (whittled down from 12 on four points after R6).

The leading Essex player was IM Richard Pert on 4½/7 who retains the Essex Champion title. Andrew Lewis also scored 4½, but Richard takes it on tie-break (SoPS).

The Essex U160 Champion is Keith Wilcox (Temple Sutton). Peter Nickals (Wanstead) also scored 2½, but once again SoPS breaks the tie, in Keith's favour.

Congress Report | Pairings & Results

Weekenders results

The Weekenders events (Major, Intermediate, Minor) in the Southend Easter Chess Congress, finished yesterday, Sunday - 5 rounds in two days - and had their separate prize-giving that afternoon.

The Major was won by Toby Stock, the Intermediate was won by Nasarullah Sheikh of Colchester, but only after his last round opponent, Ken Groce, was struck by a stomach upset during the game and had to resign. We hope Ken has made a speedy recovery. The Minor ws won by Kent junior Kiran Shiatis.

The Junior Prize contributed by the David Wood Memorial Trust was awarded to Elliot Cocks (Intermediate), Lavanan Ainkaran and Aadarsh Saravanan (both in the Minor).

The Open concludes with the seventh round today.

Pairings & Results

Southend in play

The Southend Congress is in progress, with 138 entries, including seven GMs and 14 other titled players.

The Open goes into its second day today and the "Weekenders" (Major, Intermediate and Minor) have started.

Pairings & Results

Dates for your diary

Spring may only just have sprung, but here are some dates of summer events for your diary:

Sunday 28 June
ECA Team Blitz and Lightning Championships (Ilford CC)

Saturday 11 July
Essex individual Rapidplay Championships (Writtle)

All these events are Essex closed.

As before, the Rapidplay incorporates the North Essex Rapidplay Championship and the Essex Junior Championship. For the previous two years, the Rapidplay has been out of synch in September, but this year reverts to its original slot in July.

Entry Forms to follow in due course.


Essex U180 come second

SCCU U180: Middx 8½-7½ Essex
At Willesden. In a close and tense showdown, Essex came up just short of securing the SCCU crown on points (a draw would have been enough). The possibility of Surrey beating Sussex and making it a three-way tie, which would have resolved the tie in Essex' favour, existed for a while but it transpired that Sussex beat Surrey 9½-6½. Congratulations to Middx as SCCU Champions. Essex now have a QF appearance against the nominees of the Northern Union in May. Sussex qualify as SCCU third nominees.

Other match: Sussex 9½-6½ Surrey

SCCU U140: Essex 7-9 Surrey
At Wanstead. David Smith reports: 'Despite being heavily out-graded on the lower boards, the whole team put up a great fight to lose by the narrow margin of 7-9. At one stage we trailed 6-2, but we pulled that back to 7-7, only to lose the last two games to finish.'

Other matches: Middx 9-7 Sussex, Herts 6½-9½ Kent

SCCU U100: Surrey 7½-4½ Kent. Final match.

U180 page | U140 page | U100 page | Aggregate stats | SCCU Website

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