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U180 joy - U100 Champs!

SCCU U180: Essex 10-6 Kent
Essex qualified for the Final stages with a home victory over Kent and remain in the driving seat for the division championship. The two teams were within 2 gradings points a board average but a sterling performance saw Essex surge into a winning lead by 16:45 (13:30 start) with four consecutive wins either side of the three hour mark. Kent's three wins all came in the last four results, after Essex had established a 9-3 lead.

Other match: Surrey v Middx; details awaited.

U180 page

U140 Middx 8½-7½ Essex
A frustratingly narrow defeat that leaves Essex rock bottom (on tie-break with Herts and Sussex). One match to go.

Other matches: Sussex 9-7 Herts; Surrey 7½-8½ Kent.

U140 page

SCCU U100 Essex 8-4 Surrey
Only the bare score at this point, but today's win gives Essex the SCCU Championship with a match to spare. Details to follow.

U100 page

Heads bloodied, but not bowed

Open: Essex 6-10 Kent
Kent brought a powerful side to Wanstead, with an average grade of 200. Essex were outgraded by an average 20 points a board, so perhaps the result was a foregone conclusion. But Essex fought hard and chalked up 12 draws, a number of them where there was considerably more than a 20 point grading difference, against four losses. Heads bloodied, but not bowed.

Other match: Middx 11-5 Sussex.

U160: Essex 8½-7½ Middx
By contrast, you couldn't get a sheet of Bronco between these two teams, yet for much of the afternoon, Essex held an advantage of 2-3 points. Middx closed this gap with two late wins, but by then Essex were over the line for a very important point in such an open contest (before start of play the other four teams each had 1/2 against Essex' 0/1).

Other match: Sussex 8½-7½ Kent.

U120: Essex not in action.
One other match played: Surrey 4½-7½ Herts.

Page links: Open | U160 | U120 | Aggregate stats | SCCU Website

U140: Kent 11½-4½ Essex
Meanwhile, the previous weekend, Essex U140 went down with a big bump away to Kent, the visitors being outgraded by an average of 8 points a board.

U140 | Aggregate stats | SCCU Website

White Knight rides to the rescue

Southend Easter 2015 WILL take place

There will, after all, be a chess congress at Southend this Easter. The White Knight is Gavin Strachan who plans to run a FIDE-rated congress, independently, Southend CC not being involved. We understand that there will be changes to the format and that Gavin is in discussion with the previous sponsor.

This is encouraging news, on which more information in due course.

Southend Easter Chess Congress


We have been given the sad news that there will be no Southend Congress this year due to falling numbers and rising costs. The 'Southend Easter' has been run by Southend-on-Sea Chess Club since 1957. It was the last congress in the County and it is particularly sad to see it go.

Following the demise of the Ilford Congress, the award of the Essex Championship was transferred to the Southend Congress. As a consequence, we shall now have to consider the future of the Essex Championship.

Christmas Puzzles

It's that time of year! When your Christmas festivities take a lull, dip into a Christmas past and revisit one of Roy Heppinstall's Christmas Puzzles collections, first published in Chessex many moons ago. We have reproduced one of Roy's classic puzzle sets here on the website.

Maybe you remember them, like the classic shown here, maybe you've forgotten them, maybe you never saw them; for old and new readers, click on the link below and visit Santa's Chess Grotto, where it is always 25th December.

Roy's Christmas Puzzles

Roland Payne

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing on 22 November of Roland Payne, who was missed at the ECA Lightning Championship earlier this year. Perhaps not a name known much to younger players, Roland had for some years specialised in Lightning chess and was a regular participant in the ECA Lightning.

Ivor Smith has contirubted an Obituary which we have published in the Features section.

Roland Payne Obituary

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